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APPLOG (Application Lernen Ohne Grenzen) in Switzerland.

APPLOG is a Professional Training Centre & LMS platform. The Training courses are mainly powered by VISATCOM studios.

Our team are specialised in designing & publishing interactive professional training courses which are recognised & accredited in Switzerland & globally.

Application or applying knowledge transforms theory into a know-how. Our aim is to quip trainees with the resources required that enables them to execute their skills effectively in the work place which makes application the most important part in the learning circle.

Get the proper training courses to get certified in many areas including SAP ERP courses, Data Mining courses, Business courses and more.

You may navigate directly HERE to our LMS (Learning Management System) platform

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Wir verwandeln Ihre Vision in Ergebnisse

Wir haben diese Plattform aufgebaut, um das, was wir lernen, mit anderen zu teilen

Unser Traum ist es, die Integration in der Schweiz einfacher, systematischer und gleichzeitig flexibler zu gestalten. Diese Mission ist Teil unserer sozialen Unternehmensverantwortung.

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Data Solution

MakeData strives to maintain the highest levels of handling data, governance and information creation for our clients. Following a structured method aimed at capability building of culture, people and technology. Supporting senior clients in their plans to introduce and implement advanced analytics and embed it into the operating model of the organization, to activate the real power of analytics.

Our operating model combines expertise of leading local and regional partners working at the different ends of information activation process, as well as a diverse interdisciplinary team consisting of strategists, data scientists, designers and engineers. With knowledge and experience to address every facet of how data and analytics affect a client’s organizational performance in general, and problem solving capabilities applied to answer critical questions for clients and create innovative solutions focused to deliver on the client’s objectives.

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Startco ( a startup solution)

For those who are planning to open a new company or desire to make changes in the Commercial Registration i.e. location, purpose, business name, capital, etc. We handle the following:

  • Notary requirements and fees.
  • Delivery and legalisation of documents.
  • Visas required for business partners.



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Become a Partner

Get licensed through us to operate and expand your business in Switzerland and Europa.

With VISATCOM, you get across the borders to promote your business solutions into the Swiss and European market.

Many partners rely on us to get their solutions sold and get heard by supreme businesses in Switzerland.

VISATCOM GmbH has built a reputation of a reliable partner since it was established in 2017.

Are you located in North America, Russia, the GCC, Israel, India, China or in the European Union. We are here to become your representative in a stable economy.

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VISATCOM's Sister Company.

MakeData primary aim is to equip human capital with applicable knowledge for their immediate objectives in the data-related roles within organizations, and delivered effectively and comprehensively, aiming to accelerate the adaptation process of the knowledge gained in any of the following training tracks we offer

  • Data science track covering Business statistics, Data science Algorithms and Applications, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning
  • Data engineering track, covering BI architecture, SQL, Python, R, Big data administration and development
  • Data Literacy track, covering subjects of data strategy, data analysis, data visualization and storytelling, data interpretation
  • Other tracks critical to the success of any data analyst, such as critical thinking, communication and presentation skills to name a few



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